What is OHI

OHI Data Navigator is a free interactive tool giving you insights into the experiences of young people.

OHI Data Navigator is a tool which organises data in ways which are useful for decision making, programme development, and research, among other things. It is a tool that’s helping to shift the power and impact data can have for the community, to the community.

Largely, big data like the Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI) is inaccessible to many in the community despite it being information about the interactions we all have with public services like health and education.

OHI takes that data, alongside other data sets, to build a picture of the experiences of young people in Aotearoa.

Our sources

Integrated Data Infrastructure is a unique government administrative data set. Managed by Statistics New Zealand, it draws together data from the public sector service delivery into one database which is unique to Aotearoa. It holds information about people and households, and their life events including education, income, benefits, migration, justice, and health (Stats NZ 2022).

In June 2022, we updated the IDI Data to include the 2021 refresh of the IDI. Additionally, the New Zealand Health Survey data has also been included.

Learn more about our data sources and definitions here.